Office Sharepoint

Centrally store, manage, and access documents across the enterprise. Organizations can store and organize all business documents and content in one central location, and users have a consistent mechanism to navigate and find relevant information. Default repository settings can be modified to add workflow, define retention policies, and add new templates and content types.

Simplify Web content management. Provide easy-to-use functionality to create, approve, and publish Web content. Master pages and page layouts provide reusable templates for a consistent look and feel. New functionality enables enterprises to publish content from one area to another (for example, from a collaborative site to a portal), or cost-effectively manage multilingual delivery of content on multiple intranet, extranet, and Internet sites.

Outlook and/or Entourage

Hosted Exchange supports both Windows and Mac users. For each Silver Plus or Gold Plus mailbox you subscribe to, you get a free download of Outlook or Entourage.

Mobile Access

Hosted Exchange users can receive their email, calendar invites, contact information and tasks from the Exchange Server via our mobile access options with full synchronization. We support many of today's most popular mobile devices, including BlackBerry (additional charge with Silver and Gold), Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile devices (included with Gold).

Outlook with Web Access

Newly improved Outlook Web Access is a rich, Outlook-like experience via web browser allowing you to complete more tasks than ever before.

Spam and Virus Protection

We take a proactive approach to safeguarding you from the harmful effects of spam and viruses. Leveraging five anti-virus / anti-malware engines, we provide enterprise-level spam and virus protection at the gate. This layer of protection keeps harmful viruses and annoying spam from ever reaching your inbox.

Shared Calendars and Assisted Scheduling

Overall calendaring, out-of-office messages, resource booking and meeting scheduling have all been enhanced in Exchange 2007 to make it easier to find and share data, documents and schedules from anywhere. The Resource Booking Attendant makes sure your resources are properly managed and double booking is avoided while the Scheduling Assistant will make bringing busy schedules together a simple task.