Service and Support

Business Class Service

Synergy Networks is proud of our exceptional technical support. Our goal is to make getting connected and staying connected hassle-free. Our technical support helps you maximize the value of your Synergy Networks Internet Service.

Contact Technical Support

Whether you have questions about DNS, or need to learn how to administer your emails. Synergy Networks can assist you. Current customers have access to our 24 hour tech-support line where at anytime of the day we will help you personally with your needs for our services.

Web Analytics

As the volume of the customer information collected on your website continues to grow, you need powerful and flexible tools to uncover visitor preferences and share this data throughout your organization. More than ever, you need Web Analytics.

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy specifies the actions prohibited by Synergy Networks, Inc. ("the Company") to users of the SYNERGY NETWORKS Network.