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Remote Teams

FaceTime, Google, Slack, Zoom or Microsoft Teams

You can do conference and video calls with FaceTime and Google and you might already use Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Slack for work.

If you don't, see what is recommended by your company. If you need support in configurations or setup, contact Synergy Tech Support.


If your company or business has a VoIP phone system, it should be as easy to take your phone home and connect to your home network. If you are unable to connect it or need configuration support, contact Synergy.

If the physical phone is not available, check to see if a "soft" phone or app is available. A softphone can be used on a computer or an app on your mobile device. See below for safety concerns for downloading new software or apps.

Digitally signing documents

If you're not in the office to sign forms, DocuSign is a secure and widespread program to get signatures on documents that need signatures.

Email filtering

Add an email filtering to minimize the risk of downloading malware of viruses. Check your email from a browser when possible. If you do not know what the attachment is, do not open it.

Downloading and Installing New Apps, Firmware or Software

If you have to download new programs, make sure you're getting them from either the App Store or Google Play. Both companies are being extra careful with distribution of apps. Do not use third party or unapproved programs. Ask questions first before installing.

If you do need to download a new tool or app, stick to well-known companies or ones that have been vetted and approved by your employer.

Secure End Point Protection

Artificial Intelligence end point protection prevents threats before they cause harm. Whether a company provided or a home-based computer, viruses and malware need to be identified and eliminated before they cause disruption in an already disrupted workforce. Synergy Networks uses smart artificial intelligence software to understand the components of various threats and then place that information on your computer (end point). Predicting threats before they execute is extremely important. Using AI means a faster machine as we don't need to constantly scan all of your files all the time.

Back up your data

Most business do backup network resources. Make sure that the remote computer, whether company provided or your personal home computer is reliable and also has a backup. If you are asked to work remote, are self-isolated or quarantined, IT support may be delayed or impossible to support you. Having an image backup or some type of recovery media may be the difference between a working device and no home based resource.

For work related data, use Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, or a company designated secure storage location. If you do not know how to use any of these, let us know. This data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed when you return to your normal business routine.

Remote Artificial Intelligence Management

Managed Services decreases downtime for your remote workers. IT departments can be overwhelmed with IT related service requests in a physically separated network. Synergy can quickly access each endpoint to resolve issues fast and keep downtime to a minimum.

Patching all systems to secure company servers and remote workers' devices up to date.

Monitoring remote end points and resolving issues before your remote workers know what happened.

Automate repeatable tasks can reduce remote support costs.

Disaster Recovery

With more remote access to the company servers and resources, it is more important than ever to use a disaster recovery system that takes frequent image-based backups and replicates server images to the cloud. If a primary server has an outage, business operations can be restored directly from a backup instance of a virtual server on premises or in the cloud. This recovery can take place with Synergy remote support. Typically, no one needs to be onsite to recover. Also, the effected server or resource and be analyzed and corrective action taken while business operations continue.

Colocation or Cloud

If as a company you are just starting to build out your remote workforce procedures and do not have in place the infrastructure to support the remote staff, consider moving business related operations, servers and line of business apps to a Colocation facility or to the cloud. A physical LAN server can be moved to a Colocation facility, moved as a virtual machine or be replicated to cloud services. Synergy Networks can provide IT support for the design and support of these scenarios.

Secure Virtual Private Networks

There are two main VPNs. The first are personal VPNs that create a create a secure access to the Internet so you can maintain your privacy on public WiFi networks. Public WiFi networks are not your best choice especially if you are asked to remain home or are quarantined.

Private or Secure VPNs are used for accessing business or company specific resources. They allow your computer to connect to your company network as if you were in the building.

If your business does not have VPN resources, Private Virtual Network (PVNs) firms should be used. Ask if you are not sure what option is required or best for your remote access situation.

Working from a free WiFi, a VPN is required because most "free" WiFi networks don't have IT departments to make sure it is secure.

Malware, Viruses and Scams

Know your IT team or trusted outside firm. If your company has not provided you with work from home documentation, contact them and ask how that information is to be disseminated.

A call from someone claiming to be from your IT department or outside vendor with the "work-from-home" protocols could be a loading malware, viruses or is a scam. Never allow remote control of your computer without verification from your company. If contacting a senior person in the company is not possible or feasible ask to call the "IT support group" back.

Always verify.