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Remote Employee Solutions

Synergy Networks IT Group can help set up and support your remote employees.

We can help businesses setup remote work with remote teams, VoIP, email filtering, downloading and installing new apps, firmware or software, secure end point protection, back up your data, provide remote artificial intelligence management, provide disaster recovery, colocation and cloud services, secure VPN and more. Call Now! 239-790-7000

Remote Employee Setup

Managed Services decreases downtime for your remote workers. IT departments can be overwhelmed with IT related service requests in a physically separated network.

Synergy can:

  • Establish secure endpoint protection at remote employee sites
  • Quickly access each endpoint to resolve issues fast and keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Patch all systems to secure company servers and remote workers' devices up to date.
  • Monitor remote end points and resolve issues before your remote workers know what happened.
  • Automate repeatable tasks to reduce remote support costs.
  • Set up secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Integrate remote employees into VOIP system

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